Absence and Holidays in Term Time

If your child is ill and going to be absent we ask parents to telephone the Academy office on the first day. If a message is not received before 10am a member of staff may call you to enquire about the absence. All absences should be followed up with a letter addressed to the class teacher. If a child is absent for more than 5 days or is persistently absent due to illness the Academy may ask parents for additional information provided by a medical professional. This will support the reasons for the absence and enable the Academy to support your child on return and any on-going needs.

Under Government guidelines the Academy cannot authorise holiday in term time. Leave may be granted for exceptional circumstances only e.g. family crisis or bereavement, please contact the Academy office if this is the case. If pupils are absent for five days or more and the absence is unauthorised a penalty notice will be issued. This is currently £120 per child per parent, reduced to £60 per parent per child if paid within 28 days (July 2013). A penalty notice may also be issued if a child has a high number of unauthorised absences.

It is the responsibility of the Academy to decide if an absence is to be authorised or not. It is therefore essential that parents provide information regarding their child’s absence.

Emergency Contact

Please keep the office up to date with telephone contacts this is essential if your child is taken ill during the day or has a serious accident. Ideally the Academy needs three emergency contacts. Please make sure your mobile number is up to date to ensure you receive texts from the academy.

Allergies and Health Care

Please let us know of any allergies or medical needs. We can complete a Health Care Plans if your child should need one. Please contact the Inclusion Manager if you feel this is necessary for your child. Only medicines prescribed by a doctor can be administered by Academy staff.