School Rules & Behaviour


In keeping with our stated aims we expect every member of the Academy community to show courtesy, care and consideration for each other. Discipline will be firm but fair with expectations for conduct based on the safety and well being of all members of the Academy. Our intention is to provide an environment that will help children develop a sense of value, self-discipline and mutual respect.

Adults on Academy Site

The Academy expects high standards of pupil behaviour and respect towards others. In order that this is modelled for children we expect all adults, including staff, parents and visitors to behave as positive role models. To achieve this, we ask all people on site to behave respectfully and politely towards others. Adults demonstrating physical or verbal aggression will be asked to leave the premises. The Academy reserve the right to ban entry to the premises any person who persistently behaves in this way.

Class Rules:

  • We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We will listen to others and take turns.
  • We will be helpful, kind and polite.
  • We will work to the best of our ability.
  • We will keep ourselves safe in and around the building.

Playground Rules:

  • We will play carefully to make sure everyone is safe.
  • We will only play with the equipment from the playtime bags or the playground equipment.
  • We will stay outside.
  • We will look after each other and make sure people are included.
  • We will show respect for each other by what we do and say.
  • We will only play on the grass when an adult on duty says we can.
  • We will only use the bank to sit quietly and talk to each other.
  • We will stop and listen on the first whistle.
  • We will line up sensibly on the second whistle.

Lunch Time Rules:

  • We will line up quietly.
  • We will be well-mannered, use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and won’t speak with our mouth full.
  • We will talk quietly,
  • We will put our hands up if we want something.
  • We will keep the tables clean and tidy and use the cutlery provided.
  • Walk around Academy quietly.

Behaviour Management

In general, simply encouraging gestures – nodding, smiling or an encouraging word can be used to reinforce acceptable behaviour. Stickers, certificates or house points can be awarded to underline these strategies. Good work can be sent to the Head of School or another member of staff. Pupils can also be nominated as Star of the Week for their class.

In cases of unacceptable behaviour, the Academy operates a traffic light behaviour management system. (On classroom wall / Red and Yellow cards in the playground) If a pupil displays unacceptable behaviour they will be reminded of the appropriate behaviour, placed on amber and warned that if the behaviour continues they will be put on to red. Sanctions will be imposed on the following scale:

  • Pupil on Red: Names and incident recorded in the Red Book and pupil will miss playtime.
  • 3 Red incidents within 6 weeks: Letter sent home.
  • 4 Red incidents within 6 weeks: Meeting with parents to discuss further joint action.

Parents will be informed by the class teacher if their child has been on “Red”.

Children with identifiable behavioural problems and therefore acknowledged special needs will be supported by additional staff. Support staff members will work closely with the Class Teacher, Inclusion Manager, and parents in encouraging acceptable behaviour using all the appropriate strategies. They are therefore beyond the traffic light system and discipline will be handled appropriate to the child’s needs, IEP and Behaviour Plan.

Children who experience behavioural or other problems and who are not subject to additional support may well benefit from the use of a home contact book so that all involved are able to work together in an attempt to modify the child’s behaviour.

Extreme behaviour will be dealt with appropriately outside of the traffic light system.

You can read more about our Behaviour Policy on the ACE Learning Website – please follow the link below and choose General Policies.