Instructions for Subscribing, Downloading & Printing

It is possible to print the calendar from the website but you’ll need to use a third party program to do this – such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s Calendar or Google’s Calendar.

  1. Towards the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar you’ll see a “Subscribe” button.
  2. Click on “Subscribe” and choose an option appropriate to the calendar software you’re using.
  3. The next step will vary depending on the option you chose.
  4. Within whatever platform you chose; select “Print” and you should be able to print a hard copy.

Please note – this print out will be a snapshot of the current calendar and won’t include any future updates.

You can use the subscribe option to add the calendar to any of your personal home email and calendar accounts – this means the calendar can be added to any of your internet connected devices, it will also update with any changes made in the future.