Dinner Money, Meals & Snacks

Academy Dinner Money

All pupils in Foundation stage, Year 1 and Year 2 will receive a school meal under the universal free school meal scheme. We can cater for all dietary needs, please contact the office if this applies to your child and you need to discuss their dietary needs.

In KS2 the daily price for dinners is £2.40. If your child requires dinner, please pay via MyChildAtSchool.

KS1 School Meals

All KS1 children have a free school meal as part of the Universal Free School Meal programme for children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2. We can cater for all dietary needs, please make an appointment to discuss this if your child has an identified dietary need.

Packed Lunches

Children in KS2 may bring a packed lunch. We encourage this to be healthy and nourishing. Children should not bring sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks or glass containers.


Only fresh fruit or raw vegetables may be brought in for snacks.

Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One are provided with fruit mid-morning as part of the national free fruit scheme.

There is a fruit tuck shop available to KS2 children at morning playtime. All fruit is 20p.

Water is available to all children throughout the day; pupils may keep a clear plastic water bottle in their classroom. (Juice is not permitted)


All pupils in Foundation Stage will receive a free carton of milk each day whilst they are under the age of 5.  After this, parents can opt to pay for milk for the duration of foundation stage and going into Key Stage One and Two. Please see the Academy office staff for further details.