School History


The town of Ashford has been expanding substantially in recent years, thanks in large part to its strategic location on the rail link between London and Europe. One particular area that has seen considerable growth is the Park Farm estate, located to the south of Ashford near the village of Kingsnorth.

Furley Park is an Academy that is part of ACE Learning, a multi-academy trust in partnership with Hamstreet Primary. Originally a single form entry school, it opened its doors in September 2000 to meet the needs of the growing population in the area.

The Academy is situated on one side of the Park Farm Estate and overlooks woodland and fields to the rear. It currently has 21 classrooms, an administration area, large hall, well-equipped kitchen, extensive library, and a wide variety of digital resources.

In September 2015, Furley Park expanded to a three-form entry school with the addition of a new two-story building equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a dance studio, learning bases, and six new classrooms. This has further enhanced the learning environment for its students and allowed the Academy to continue to meet the needs of its growing community.

Why is the school named Furley Park?

The Academy at Park Farm was named in honor of Sir John Furley, a prominent figure in Ashford’s history. Born in the town in 1836, Sir John was an early president of the Red Cross Society and a founding member of the St John’s Ambulance Association. When it came time to choose a name for the new school, it was decided that a link with the town’s history was important, and so the name Furley Park was selected. This name also serves to maintain a connection with the estate on which the school is situated, Park Farm.

Although the estate itself is relatively new, there are interesting historical features to be found in the surrounding area. For example, the woodland in front of the school is home to a pathway that leads to an old Roman road, which in turn leads to Aldington and Lympne. Additionally, certain areas of the estate were traditionally part of a manor and moated. Today, one of these remaining moats can be found at the children’s play park in the center of the development. By choosing the name Furley Park, the Academy celebrates both the local associations and the rich history of the area.

The School Logo

Furley Park LogoThe Furley Park Logo was introduced in 2004, when the school reached full capacity. It was designed to reflect the school’s association with Sir John Furley, a prominent figure in Ashford’s history and a founder member of the St John’s Ambulance Association. The logo is inspired by the Maltese Cross, which also features in the St John’s Ambulance logo.

In the Furley Park Logo, the figures are depicted in school house colors and represent the children of Furley Park, reaching and growing out from the school in the center. The circles surrounding the figures represent the wider community, including Park Farm, Ashford, and the wider world. The logo embodies the school’s commitment to academic excellence and community engagement, and serves as a proud symbol of the school’s identity and values.