Active Bug

Active Bug

The Walk on Wednesday and Active Bug initiatives are supported by Kent County Council to encourage families to leave the car at home and walk, scooter, cycle, or park and stride to school.

Walk on Wednesday is very simple.  Every child is given a sticker collection card and stickers are given out to those that walk to school on a selected day.  The scheme runs throughout the year from October to July and encourages those families that cannot walk to school every day to walk once a week.

Active Bug incorporates all modes of green travel including walking, scooting, cycling and park & stride. Class charts and whole school wall charts record progress and stickers and certificates are issued to those who participate.  The scheme is designed to run over one academic year from October to July.

These popular county-wide initiatives encourages families to stay healthy and be kind to the environment by leaving the car at home and try greener and more active ways to school.

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